Depressing Depression

I drank down my pain, but the damned pain learned how to swim.

Depression has become a major issue nowadays, whether in the young or older generation. It has become a serious medical illness that makes you feel negative at all times. It makes you lose hope, interest in the things you once loved, or it makes you grouchy.

People around you may think depression is a bunch of hocus pocus. They usually consider you to be seeking attention or throwing a tantrum. However, this is not the case. People that don’t understand your condition usually wave it off or say ‘this phase will pass’ without even trying to understand it.

Depression doesn’t necessarily mean that you had a crappy childhood or have a lousy marriage. You can have a great life but still be hit with depression because of a few hurdles in your life. To be honest, to some depression looks cool by watching shows and they think they can add it to their personalities as a way of being quirky. But in all seriousness, depression is a bitch. It haunts you and it takes a long while to disappear.


  • CRY.

Yes, seriously just cry. There will be times when you just want to drop on the floor and cry. It’s okay to sometimes cry and let it go. You’re not meant to keep it inside you and be strong all the time. There is a reason we were given emotions by God. It’s okay to feel weak or upset. Cry it out, ruin your make-up, be as miserable as you want to be, because soon you will be healed.


Honestly this should be your first priority, but I know people don’t usually do this. Accept your depression everyone. If you’re depressed, accept it rather than blocking it. By blocking it, you will feel more troubled and it will seem the world is troubling you even more. Accepting it will allow you to see the negative beliefs around you or change in the behaviours of those around you. It allows you to know what’s hurting you so that you can stay away from it so that it doesn’t hurt you further.


Try talking to someone about it. I know this may seem difficult as you’ll feel nobody is truely on your side. But trying to talk to someone will help you ease your pain. Sometimes talking about our pain out loud is the best way to overcome that specific pain. It will help you ease your mind. Also, some people may be going through the same thing as you, so speaking about it with others may help you see things in a newer perspective. You can hear their thoughts, while you tell your own thoughts about the same situation.


During depression, we tend to believe everything we do or say is simply screwed up. We usually blame ourselves for even being in depression as if we purposely put ourself in that phase. This is not the case. Stop beating yourself up for something you haven’t done. You didn’t choose to be depressed just for kicks. Certain circumstances put you in that place. It’s not your fault, so don’t feel down on things that are difficult for you to do at that moment of need. Take a breath and calm yourself. You’re doing the best you can and that’s enough. No need to make yourself further depressed by beating yourself up over small things.


Being in depression, everyone takes their happiness away and stops smiling. Stop doing this. I know smiling in this condition feels rather stupid and difficult but don’t stop smiling. Being in depression, we only remember one emotion.


All we do is be sad and forget to smile. Always remember, smiling even on your most despairing days brings out a small joy in you. Even an ounce of joy during depression is a good thing. It means you’re starting to heal. Don’t let your smile wave off. It will take away in the slightest chance of recovery for you.

Don’t give up on yourself. I know things can be quite difficult during your time of depression but NEVER GIVE UP. The moment you decide to give up, that will be the end of your life. You will become negative towards everything and everyone. This will lead to a further downfall and you will feel everything collapse. So don’t give up. Don’t let your frustration become your downfall. Get over your fears. Don’t let things get to your head. It doesn’t matter how long it takes you to recover, you will eventually recover. No matter how hard the struggle, the smell of victory will be greater.

Remember, even on the worst days, there’s always a possibility for joy. ❀


Paradigms of Long-Distance Relationships

First things first, long-distance relations suck big time! They’re tiring, annoying and keep you in depression far too much.

It’s a clichΓ© to say that every long-distance relation ends horribly. In fact it’s entirely wrong to say it or think it. It actually depends on the people in the relation and whether or not they’re willing to work for it.

Let’s get to the usual patterns of a long-distance relation.

  1. Time difference

If you’re in the same country, I don’t think the time difference matters much. However, living in two seperate countries, there is always an annoying and unbearable time difference. Both partners are always trying to coordinate in their time differences, either successfully or unsuccessfully. It seems difficult in the beginning, and to be honest remains difficult throughout, but working through it together helps.

2. Passing of Time

Time passes extremely slowly when you’re apart. You can binge watch shows, or have movie marathons, but time will continue to pass slowly. Usually our normal days seems to pass by quite quickly and effortlessly. You can be home sleeping all day, and even then time passes quickly. But when you’re apart from your partner, time passes as slowly as it possibly can. I guess when you’re missing someone, time will suddenly stop and make you miss them more.

3. Break Downs

There will be several break downs during your long-distance relationship. There will be times when you will not want to do anything but cry, cry, and cry. Yes, it’s painful and extremely upsetting but you need to keep yourself together. This is not just so you stay sane, but also your partner. For him/her to remain sane, you need to be their supporting rock, all the while keeping yourself strong. Breaking down in the middle of a conversation is very common and at times confusing because you don’t actually know why you’re crying. But keep your head up and stay strong!


Yes, there will be many times when you and your partner for absolutely no reason. They can be long, excruciating and highly painful! But relax. Give your partner time and space. Be EXTREMELY understanding because this will help you both come over your obstacles. Talk things through properly and agree to your part in the argument/fight. Eventually after everything things will fall into place and even if they don’t try worry about it. Forget why you both were fighting because in the end your relations matters, not who’s right and wrong.

5. Missing them constantly.

While being in a long-distance relationship, you will always miss your partner. There won’t be a single time when you don’t miss them. Every small thing will remind you of their presence. Everyday you will be telling yourself that you won’t miss him/her so much. But as night falls, you will end up missing them even more. Every ring on your phone will make you jump just so you see a text from them or hear their voice. Those memories are precious. You will find even the smallest of memory being rushed back in your head. It’s hard but those memories will make you smile.

Long-distance relationships are very hard and seem impossible, but being there for each other makes everything possible. The two people in the relation make everything better for one another, no matter the distance between them.

So don’t worry if you’re in a long distance relation, things tend to work out eventually! Love finds a way. It always finds a way.

Confessions of a Dietaholic

Being a fat girl, people would always comment on me saying I should eat less or try exercising. At that time, I would simply think they’re idiotic and need to mind their own business. It’s always easy for people to criticize others but very hard to look at themselves. However, after years of everyone telling me to lose weight, I finally decided to go for it and I LOVE IT!

When I started to diet, I hated it in the beginning and I always thought it was a waste of time. Those long days of eating less, watching EVERYTHING I ate, reducing the amount of food was extremely agonizing but to be honest worth it!

Now after almost 2 years of dieting, and losing about 22kg, I can finally say I love my transformation and it’s too hard to give up!


1. You need your own motivation.

People will continue to comment on you or give you unsolicited advice continuously. This will continue whether you welcome it or not and it just won’t stop. So be ready for it. It will take time but eventually you will find your own motivation. Don’t listen to people blabber about you because it will only tick you off. They think they are motivating you but they really aren’t.

2. Get ready for desi aunties telling you stupid “TOTKAS”

TOTKAS–> Advice used by them and their long lost relatives.

Yes, this is correct. Aunts will continue to give you long lists of things to do so you can lose weight. They will tell you to eat boiled veggies or even eat slimming medicines. IT’S ALL BULLSHIT. Just simply nod and say I will try it once you do too. πŸ˜‹

3. You’ll want to pig out A LOT!

If you’ve began dieting and it’s been a long time since you’re watching your weight, then there will come times when you will just want to pig out. Either you’ll go out or order in food, but you will pig out. This is pretty natural while dieting. Since we’re already eating less food and watching EVERYTHING we eat, the tendency to pig out is quite common. It’s better to have one or two cheat meals in a week to keep you on track otherwise you’ll see yourself munching during the wrong hours.

4. Your cheat days/meals will eventually haunt you.

When I say this, I basically mean that you will regret even eating that one cheat meal. This is actually very common. Since I’m constantly watching my food, my body has become accustomed to eating less. So when I do have a cheat meal, after an hour later I regret eating it because I automatically assume I have gained weight. This is not true though. Having one or two cheat meals in a week does not make you gain weight, though having 14 cheat meals will make you gain weight. So don’t bother regretting it, enjoy it! Your body should be accustomed to eating a little bit of normal food else you will eventually gain twice the amount of food once you leave dieting.

5. Stop checking your weight constantly.

I did this a lot during my time of dieting. I would constantly recheck my weight to see whether the scale has gone up or down. Your body doesn’t gain nor lose weight that fast. It takes its time. So slow yourself down and wait for your miraculous weight loss.

Dieting isn’t very hard as it usually seems so. It takes time and a whole lot of motivation but it is possible. For people highly active, they cam exercise too but as I said earlier in my previous blog I am lazy. Thus, no I don’t workout. Workout kills me and I hate it! I simply cut down on my foods and eat as less I possibly can. It took me 1.5 years but I did lose 22 kg and now I’m maintaining my weight. So go for it and don’t bother listening to anyone else except yourself!

If you like my blog or even dislike it, comment below and let me know! Cheers πŸ₯‚

Restarting My Blogger Side

Hi..It’s TheCrazyLazyBlogger! 😎

A few months back, I had begun blogging and abruptly ended it without any specific reason. After spending the last six boring months, I finally decided to rekindle the blogging side of me. So here I am! πŸ’πŸ»β€β™€οΈ

To start off I’ll just share a few facts about me.

1. As the name tells, I’m hella CRAZY and even more LAZY. πŸ˜΄πŸ˜‹

2. I love cooking but not as much as dieting! Thus I am a DIETAHOLIC!

3. I am CRAZY about TRAVELLING. It’s hard to stop me. (Well if you’re my empty pocket then yeah you can stop me) πŸ˜‹

Well I think for starters, 3 facts are enough about me. Hopefully as I continue blogging, I will share more. Let’s hope anyone following me finds my blogs slightly relatable or just simply fun to read. I promise to make it as less boring as possible.

Enjoy the upcoming blogs and kindly visit my Instagram page ‘thecrazylazyblogger‘ for small reviews/recommendations! Cheers! πŸ₯‚

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